Jul 13, 2006


Couldn't resist taking a sleeping photo.

Journaling reads:
Sleeping -- just a word for recharging when the one sleeping is 1 1/2 years old.. I just love how you tuck your legs and your arms underneath you when you sleep. Your little bottom sticks up and you sleep and dream away. Do you dream of playing with your brothers, being held in your mother’s arms, hugging you daddy or seeing a dog walk by our home?

Credits: Font: Worstedtveld Sling
Strawberries & Kiwi by Cindy Simon of NDISB

See it here ~ 3 Scrapateers.

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Rebecca said...

Another adorable LO! This is just so cute! I soooo want to take a picture of Amelia like this but she is such a very light sleeper that I don't dare! Lol. Tooooo cute! :D