Nov 12, 2008

How Edmund Ironside Fought For the Crown

Our Island Story by HE Marshall.

Chapter 19

DS#2 narration: King Edmund desired peace for his country. One day he sent a messenger to Canute (King of the Danes) saying "How about the two kings fight each other and who ever wins will be come king?"

Canute agreed. The two kings fought with spears on their horses then jumped off and fought with their swords fiercely. Edmund was taller and Canute was being beaten. Canute said, "Stop. Why can't we rule together?"

DS #1 narration: The kingdom was divided. King Edmund Ironside ruled the south part and King Canute ruled the north part. There was peace for a short time because Edmund only reigned for seven months (he died). During his short reign, he did more for England than his father Ethelred (who was cowardly and weak) did in several years.

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