Feb 24, 2006

Candy Turkeys

I just downloaded these photos (from November 2005) from our older (2 MP) camera (so the quality was not as good -- and it has an unrealiable flash). But the candy turkeys were so cute! They had so much fun making them! I used my program to lighten them up...they were still a bit blurry, but hopefully you can see the cuteness!

Journaling reads:
Just before Thanksgiving, we got together with our friends the XXXX for a little history lesson and a craft. We sharpened sticks to make wood nibs, made ink from black raspberries, and created Thanksgiving cards. But the most FUN craft was making candy turkeys. Everyone was so creative and looked forward to eating the turkeys (after they were shown to the dads)

Credits: Simple Gifts by Christina Bartholomew at Three Scrapateers. I also used Christina's Corner Punch brush set for all the rounded corners (eraser tool). Font: Will and Grace

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