Feb 11, 2006

Monkey Man

While our whole family went on this trip and enjoyed the zoo, I decided to focus on DS#1 in this 2 page LO. The photo for the 2nd page is one of my favorites! It really shows alot about my oldest monkey man. The zoo had a suspension bridge with this huge cable. He decided to hang from the cable and who could resist taking a photo. Evidently not me. LOL

All the boys wore yellow shirts -- easier to keep track of them. We enjoyed seeing the zoo so much that we stopped there on our way to Oklahome as well as on the way back from Oklahoma. Of course having a zoo pass helps as well.

Credits: Stitching on journaling tag is from Anita Stergiou's Bull's Eye Stitches Essentials Collection at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking (www.ndisb.com).
Scrapkit is Monkey Man by Mirranda Reinhardt at Yesterday-Remembered (www.yesterday-remembered.com). Fonts used: CK Holiday Spirit & Arial & LD Letter Home for the title (made from papers).

Journaling reads:
Journaling: A trip to Oklahoma with a stop at the Kansas
City Zoo made for an enjoyable mini-vacation for our family. We saw tortoises, parrots, leopards, hippos, and
so many more animals. We had one boy act like a monkey by hanging on the cable of the suspension bridge ~ Caleb, our Monkey Man.

By the way, he's really not that far off the ground.

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