Jan 29, 2007

A Busy Time

That's what happens around here on a frequent basis. Since my last post, I had a birthday, celebrated the birth of our Savior - Jesus Christ, took a family vacation to visit family in Texas, spent a day in Springfield, MO on the way back, had loads of vacation laundry to catch up on, had a stomach virus run through the family (which added to the laundry) two times, DH had his birthday, said good-bye to our pastor & his wife, paid bills, prepared meals to nourish the family, designed a closet for the boys, had snow and snowed-in days, but most of all -- Loved my Saviour, my husband, and my kids.

I didn't scrap much last month. But had some time last week. I will some of those over the next few days.

Here is one for now:
Credits can be found here

Have a beautiful day!
~ A ~

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