May 18, 2006


No,I'm not getting one. But my blog did. But I wasn't sure which side bar was better. The one with the "graphical" headings (on your left) or the one with just words (right).

Let me know what you think. By the way -- all the graphics are designed by me.


rebecca said...

Hey Audrey! Facelift..ha ha ha... I wish they could be that easy! And that inexpensive! .... and that painless! OK, I'm killing myself here! Lol... but seriously, nice job. I like this look, very clean and fun. I'm terrible because I can't remember exactly what the other "look" looked like! Yikes! I hate to admit it because I do check in from time to time but still it escapes me right now... sorry. But its always fun to change things up from time to time ... like putting on brand new clothes... makes ya feel all fresh and new right? Lol.

: )

rebecca said...

Hey Audrey,

I saw you were digi pick of the day and wanted to say congrats over at 3S but couldn't find it so I came over here. What a beautiful LO! :D