Jun 11, 2009

A Thermometer or A Thermostat

This past weekend was the state homeschooling conference. It was an enjoyable couple of days to hear various speakers and to be reminded of a few things.

One question I need to ask myself: Am I a thermostat or a thermometer?

What is the difference? A thermometer reacts to the surrounding temperature. It tells you how hot or cold it is. This is very handy for determining how heavy of a coat to wear, etc.

A thermostat influences the surrounding temperature. It takes a "read" of the temperature and compares it to what is set for comfort. Then it will tell the heating or cooling appliance if it needs to turn on or off.

How does this relate to me as a wife and mother? I have the opportunity to react to those around me or to influence those around me. Do I escalate in frustration when the milk is spilled or do I humbly serve and help clean up? The atmosphere of our home should reflect the love of Christ and as the wife and mother of our family, I must ask myself if I reflect that love. Am I being reactionary or influencing?


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