Apr 4, 2006

Falling Asleep in Grandpa's Arms

This is a LO that I finished over a week ago, but forgot to post. (We are in the midst of getting our house ready to sell etc.). My kiddos really enjoy being read to and will conscript any willing party! So when G&G were here, they requested all their books (okay..not all) be read to them.

Journaling reads: During Grandma & Grandpa’s recent visit, Caleb, Joshua & Peter often requested Grandpa (& Grandma) to read to them. This afternoon, Grandpa started reading to Caleb & Joshua, but Peter joined in quickly. For awhile all the boys were paying attention, but soon Peter’s head started bobbing and weaving. Finally, he fell asleep in Grandpa’s arms.

Credits: Essentials Collection: Ribbon Roses Blue by Anita Stergiou at NDISB.
Fonts: Teen and Doodle Cursive (my new favorite handwriting font)
In my gallery at 3 S

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