Mar 24, 2006

In health and in sickness

The two youngest have had some sort of stomach/GI virus. DS#3 woke DH & I up at 4:30 one morning with some emesis, later dry heaves, and then later that day had a fever. He slept a lot for almost 2 days and then slowly recovered. Then DD had the same a couple of days later. So the washer and dryer got some extra work as did Mom and Dad. All seem to be well now. DS #2 had his 6th birthday last week; he opened his presents but we didn't have cake for a couple of days since that is when DS#3 was sick.

Any way, I did do some layouts. This first one is from just over 1 year ago. DH took this photo of three of our blessings with myself. I used the faux lomo effect tutorial by Anita Stergiou once again (it is so much fun to play with).

Credits: Far Away Love Scrapkit by Theresa Hernandez available at ACOT Essentials Collection: Heart Beat Stitches by Anita Stergiou at NDISB Fonts: Times New Roman & CK Man's Print

This next layout is using a photo of DS #1 and DS #3 just over 2 years ago. My have they grown! I love their smiles!

Credits: Monochromatics Collection :: Pourpre Étouffant by Anita Stergiou at NDISB
Font: CK Holiday Spirit and Times New Roman

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